crazy lady talking, move along

I can’t get angry or bitter toward people just trying to find their little “niche” in this big world filled with amazing individuals.

I can’t get bitter at someone desperately trying too hard to be unique, knowing that it’s some sort of weird defense mechanisms “hipsters” use. Har dee har har.

I can’t be frustrated with people that pity themselves without realizing it and then blaming everything on everyone else when they are entitled to pity themselves after all that.

I can’t get bored with people that don’t share the same interests or opinions as me; I would need to get off my too tall pedestal.

I can’t always be thinking in the back of my mind how this world consists of so very little interesting and dare I say it…worthy people.

That’s elitist and wrong of me, and I’m the huge jackass at the end of the day thinking I’m so high and mighty with no one understanding me.

I just need to remind myself people ultimately want to be appreciated, to be loved whether or not they admit it and decide to hide it with undesirable traits.

We are all so scrutinized by one another, and that will probably never change.
However, I can always damn well try to remind myself the next time I feel this bitter shadow, hindering every worth this person has accomplished.


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