ladies, ladies, women.

I don’t understand why people (read: mostly feminists, haha JOKES) have to get their granny panties in a bunch over the “over sexualizing” of women.

credit: Oskar Vega

They hate images, pictures, videos, description, clothing, people, WHATEVER that sexualizes the woman. The concept or depiction of the woman being too sexy, too much tits here, too much alluring eye stare there, and so on so forth.

All right, I get it. I understand if it’s straight up porn you’re watching or a stripper putting on a show for them $$$.
That’s the whole point you know, to sell sex. Therefore, it is technically being OVER SEXUALIZED.
However, one needs to understand that women looking sexy is not a bad thing. It is not a sense of demoralization for the female race, a rogue from the powerful women society that needs to uphold the legacy of a woMAN. No, just no.

That is not the point of being a free woman, of being a woman having equal rights as a man.
How is a woman free if she’s constantly putting up a facade of how strong and manly she is? If she’s constantly worrying about saying this or that, or dressing up in this or that because it might be a little too sexy, it might be a little too revealing of not just cleavage but of her desire to be looked at as a beautiful woman.

Women, we are not weak because we like to feel pretty. We’re not weak because we want to show some bosom and buttocks, we’re not a mindless bimbo for wanting to look cute and put on some bright, red lipstick.
I mean honestly, it seems like the oppression of women all over again where the prostitutes and madams were the ones really out there fighting for women’s rights.

I applaud the ladies out there that are constantly preaching about feminism and how feminism is embracing all rights that should be gained for women: political, social, and economical.
To fight for the end of sexism, I mean that’s a big deal it really is.
But one needs to be able to once again differentiate between sexism and just being sexy.

Guys don’t have luscious breasts, juicy asses, or a gaze that could make any man or woman want to eat you up.
Guys just don’t have that. Guys don’t have that element of seduction that girls or I mean women have that makes us so desirable, so sexy that people do want to create images of us being sexualized.
I say be proud of that, be proud that women are the ones being depicted whether tangibly or not of being sexy.
Sure it might be demeaning because that means all people see or think of when they see a woman is purely sex, to simply engage in coitus with her because she just “looks good”.
This could be the sole reason why that people get all riled up and defensive seeing images of women being over sexualized.

I get it, I do.
But you need to take a step back and realize who’s really winning here?
It feels good to be wanted, to be desired, to be looked at. Yes, it comes with a level of uncomfortableness but it’s flattery at its finest.

All I’m saying is that women, learn to not get so offended by it but don’t take it for what it is at the same time.
Take it as a compliment, but don’t succumb to that compliment but rather think of it is a given that you will always be some sort of sex object in a guy’s eyes.
Once you realize it’s a given and that all men are pigs, you’re going to feel a lot better about who women are and their rights.
The only reason men and even other women think of the female species as being weaker, as not capable is because we are still stating how unhappy we are that men are still on the top; that men are the ones still ruling this world.

Why state that if you don’t want it to be true?
How can people not think of women as the weaker species if men are not complaining about how overpowered women are, yet rather, women are the ones constantly voicing and making it known to the entire universe how powerful men are?
Stop bitching and moaning, women that feel oppressed; just shut up about it and wear the tightest, cleavage showing shirt you can find while men ogle at your chest and you’re the one using your brain thinking about other shit to do while not giving a damn about them.

This sex symbol sort of thing, this sort of weird allure women have, it’s a tool.
It seems like a deliberate tool and not an accident, so damnit learn to use it. Play with it, experiment with it, just own it.

I’m not saying you need to actually dress up with big boobs and a butt to be sexy, I’m just saying that every single woman out there is wanted by another man. That in itself is so sexy right there, and you can argue me on that but I know no matter who that woman is there is always a man out there wanting her either secretly or publicly, and ladies this is the ongoing race we’re always winning.

I don’t want to be seen as a man, I don’t want to be treated the same way as a man.
I want to be respected as a human, to be treated like a human, and earn all of my respect and rights for simply being a good, strong human.
So stop fighting for our rights in comparison to man, to sexism because there really is no fight to even fight.
Man is not our enemy, he’s not the terrorist you’re portraying him to be.
He just simply wants to take us out on a date or to say, “Hi :)” without being attacked with a dirty stare and cold shoulder.
Let’s learn to co-exist with them and become a strong race altogether as opposed to the constant battle of the sexes.

Stay sexy, ladies.


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