It saddens me how much someone wants to be loved, recognized, wanted, appreciated, and cherished every single day.

Without knowing or receiving all of this, it leads a person into a deep depression they can’t understand. They don’t want to admit to it, because they don’t think they’re weak. Everyone else is weak and they’re just given the shitty cards in life.

I’m not going to be condescending about it, them, that and go off on a 1,034 word analysis on it and how pitiful it is they feel that way. I won’t, cause I’m sure we all can’t help wanting to be appreciated. Wanting to be wanted.

All I can really say is I hope for myself too that we’ll learn to give all of that to ourselves, to shrug off silly insecurities and emulate such stable, strong beauty because of one’s overwhelming love for one’s self – not narcissism.



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