It’s gonna be a CRAAAAAAZY week.

I swear I thrive on adrenaline and eustress, so not good for my heart though haha.

This post is moreso a reminder and personal notice to me so please don’t try to make sense out of it
Monday: Go meet up with dad for welfare stuff, work, study like hell for POSC, figure out what’s going on with group about presentation
Tuesday (The day I die and come back to life): HCA 202 Group presentation, POSC 100 Midterm, HIST 300 Discussion, Meet up with future roomie to go over inventory checklist of the new place
Wednesday: Work, try to finish as much of math study guide as possible, start packing like crazy
Thursday: Go to school, or I don’t know…prioritize it whatever way. Moving/packing or classes? HAR DEE HAR HAR. Wait nvm, you should go to the review session for math, lulz. STUDY LIKE HELL
Friday: Math exam, yaaaaaayyydsayyyy. Work. Pack like hell.

Fuck, I’m going to be a zombie and possibly in the ER by the time I move in on the 24th -_-

Edit: FINISHED POLI SCI STUDY GUIDE…AWWWW YEA WASN’T EVEN EXPECTING THAT! Expected that I would keep procrastinating, then end up “finally going to sleep” without achieving much…yes, yes, yes I’m so happy. Just go to add some more here and there to be SUPER PREPARED but the general gist of it is FINISHED!
1:40…what to do. Attempt my math hw? WHY NOT
How I’m feeling right now, courtesy of front page r/funny:


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