My faith in humanity is RESTORED, thanks to reddit.

HAHA I’m just blown away by the reddit community and how they helped Lucas’ family out with his transplant and recovery, they’re just so awesome and makes me so happy in not only wasting all my free time on reddit but the fact that people are indeed good.

I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of my adorable cousin <3

The concept of good has always been a controversial one, a topic that people tend to feel rather bitter and cynical about because everyone tends to think good stems from the satisfaction and “fuzzy feeling” the person gets from doing nice things.
I can’t argue with that, it’s a really valid point and I’m pretty sure there are a handful of people out there that do good things because it makes them feel good.

HOWEVER, I am even more confident that people do good things just because. Not because they want the modest glory of the samaritan deeds they performed for the day, announcing it to everyone they know so everyone can continue further praising and gushing over this kind, kind samaritan.
A lot of people just want to naturally help others out. Altruism at its finest? I’m not too sure, but let these nice people just continue doing what they’re doing cause you sure as hell aren’t helping the situation by harping on them.

I don’t know why people need to be so skeptical of nice people, as if being nice is some weird facade and illusion that can only last so long before the person “breaks”.
Honestly, I do feel like there is a fine line between acting nice and being nice.
Everyone can act nice, it’s not hard. We do it all the time without realizing it because we’re the nicest to the people we either hate the most or know the least.  Yet being genuinely nice is something really different and rather hard to come by when there’s nothing but pure intentions in their doing.
It doesn’t matter if the person in general seems cold and “mean”, they probably are really nice at heart (yeah, I said it) by the actions they perform to not only strangers but the people they love but it’s just hard to decipher this sort of “love”.
It’s funny how the perception of kindness always somehow correlates to interactions with strangers, when in reality it should be performed to everybody.

So from my objective view, if I see you handing out a dollar to a homeless person of course I’m going to give you some street cred but that won’t epitomize kindness to me. I just need to know your intentions are there and not because you feel guilt from consuming so much when people are out there consuming so little. I don’t know, I really can’t comprehend as to what I’m getting at but I guess what I really wanted to hit is that kindness isn’t dead, being nice isn’t fake, and pretty much anyone is a nice person in different aspects.
We’re definitely far from utopia, and we definitely achieved being a rather fucked up world; but that should never discourage someone from doing some sort of good.
Your efforts don’t go wasted. Even if nobody can pat you on the back for what you did, the person that you helped out are the ones forever grateful of your moment of kindness. That should honestly be more than enough and the only real incentive of why good people do what they do, it’s not for them, you, me, or whoever. It’s for the person that really needs it and we all need help.
Starting to see the circle that needs to keep on giving?


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