taking a break,

Just taking a break from the ultimate procrastination of math that could be performed which probably is just further hurting my chances of doing really well on my exam tomorrow…HA HA HA. oh well, I need to get the hw credit i skimped out on the last exam.

I CAN DO THIS. must do well. caffeine don’t fail me tomorrow morning when I really need you. I better not blank out the moment the exam is handed to me.

anyhoo, just wanted to use this little refreshing change of scenery from all numbers to word to simply say thanks for everything that you do. I sometimes forget along the line of so many days and years with you of how much you actually do give a damn about me.
It’s so easy for people to always gravitate toward themselves being the primary caretaker and giver just because they never hear a thank you or an I love you enough from the other person. However, we always tend to forget it’s not easy for everyone to verbalize their feelings and appreciation for anyone in general no matter how much they care about them. Sometimes it’s something that can only be spit out once in awhile, in that special occasion and that’s what makes writing that all down so beautiful.
Words are awesome. Words are permanent once written down and it’s permanently written down for a reason, a reason for us to go back to remember and be reminded that we are loved. That we are appreciated, we just can’t hear it all the time or as much as we want because it just doesn’t work that way.

So don’t lose heart in the future, remember that he loves you just as much as you love him. He just shows it differently from you, and maybe even better since actions are what he chose over using pretty words to express his love for you.

Remember that, don’t forget.
That’s why I’m writing this down permanently. Heeteeheetee.


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