consistency is key, entry #3

April 5: Get the flu/cold again while it was almost done running its course
April 6: Severe sore throat, nasal congestion
April 7: Nasal congestion, constant coughing, dripping nasal fluids within the nasal cavity…thus the constant coughing. Sore throat is gone, however!
April 8: Nasal congestion, coughing went down a lot, new symptom of runny/stuffy nose. Woke up not being able to talk at all, a bunch of dried up phlegm created into a ball was stuck in the throat….lovely. Headache.

April 9: Nasal congestion, very little random spouts of coughing, stuffy nose. Theraflu worked wonders last night…not so much today. much improvement from yesterday morning though I have to say.


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