sick journal

This is just mainly my own personal means of recording my sickness from now on HAHA I know…seems a bit unnecessary or overtly paranoid but it’s because I have a tendency to trigger my sickness again so that I have to go through it twice….taking longer to get over it, yada yada.

MAYBE those that are prone to being sick all the time or really badly can collaborate with me and we can start some underground, ill clan of people with runny noses, hoarse voices, crusted fungus here and there, the works…sharing our sick journals and creating a pattern to defeat it once and for all?
Sounds like a great movie starring B list celebrities, huh?

unhealthy obsession D:

So just wanted to see if there was a pattern or various combinations throughout this stupid virus/bacteria’s course and maybe….maybe I can catch onto it and further shorten BEING SICK. SO SICK OF IT, NO PUN INTENDED STRAIGHT UP SICK OF ITTTTT!


April 5: Get the flu/cold again while it was almost done running its course
April 6: Severe sore throat, nasal congestion
April 7: Nasal congestion, constant coughing, dripping nasal fluids within the nasal cavity…thus the constant coughing. Sore throat is gone, however!


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