new age.

I think it’s interesting to see an influx of our generation take interest in photography, arts, design, etc.

We’re striving, we yearn so badly to be an individual.

To be different, to be quirky, to have things nobody else has, to be first of everything, to try and emulate “urban”.

Artsy is cool, artsy is it.

Art with no substance what I call, “modern art”. Modern art the depiction of our generation, pretty shells with nothing but hollow noises ringing inside. We want to be filled, we want to feel something, we want to feel euphoria without the aide of drugs, drinking, partying, clubbing, having sex, and the taboo lists go on.
We think we know everything, and we look down on the people that can’t keep up with our trendiness. But low key, we don’t acknowledge it’s the trendy thing to do. You know, being artsy.
Of course we know politics, current events, social epidemics, and how corrupt this world is.
We know good music, we are the pioneers of what music truly is. Not garbage mainstream, but there are exceptions.

The freshest threads, the cleanest kicks. Illest, dopest.

I’m a victim, I’m guilty of not knowing how to be quiet anymore.
Any open window of opportunity to just take in the beauty of serenity I find myself frantically seeing statuses I could care less about on Facebook, twitter updates, and who could be on AIM.
The moment driving feels boring I need to text.
When I’m with friends, actual human beings I can’t completely ignore my phone. We have this tendency that if we’re not connecting with friends or new people at the moment, we escape to talk to friends that do understand us via texting or calling them instead of facing the person in front of us and making the awkward and painful attempt to actually getting to know them.
Communication is all wires, fibers, signals.
If you can’t keep up with this you’re primitive, you’re old.

Why do we need to announce everything now.
I’m guilty, I’m exactly like you.
I want to learn to take silence as a present, to stop worrying about trivial things and thinking I’m so important that I have to mass produce what I did today.
“How was your day?”, let’s bring it back.


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