words can’t even sum up

I love the genuine friends that I do have, I remember at one point or maybe for awhile actually I struggled so much finding friends that actually looked out for your best interest.
But thinking about it, I’m pretty sure I struggled with that so much during middle school and earlier years of high school because we’re still trying to “find ourselves” and the meaning of friends gets jaded along the way.

The older we get I think the more we realize that you don’t need to talk, dress, and act like each other to be BFFFFFLs.
HOWEVER, I can be totally contradicted because some of the best friendships I ever experienced were definitely when I was REALLY young, and I’m talking about pre-school and elementary status.
So I guess to sum it up into a theory, we just become jerks when we hit puberty.

HAHA, but really thank you to all my friends close or not. You guys deal with how stubborn I can get, you shove my pride down my throat and actually take care of me, you have to deal with my “unique” laugh, and the list goes on and on but most of all you guys give me so much inspiration and realization that God placed me so many important people throughout my life.
I just love it, I love all the people that I meet because all of you truly are remarkable.
I honestly get so blown away that I could either be so alike or so different from someone, and the stories. Man, the stories I get to hear from you guys. I love the sort of vulnerable and awkward intimacy of getting to know someone better, the fact that you find out something about them you could never see on the surface.
All the pain, hurt, struggles, family, relationship, financial trouble, and all the problems in this world affecting that one person you call a friend completely haunts them but they’re still able to look at you and say, “Hey” everyday and all the teasing and inside jokes ensue.

And although tribulations are a reality for every friend that you meet, not only do you learn about all the dark stuff but you also get to  learn about their potential. I love it when my friends are confident about who they are, how they think they can change this world even just a little bit because you know why? I love that because I too want to make a small dent in this world, and realizing how many people want to too makes our little wish into a full blown reality.
Tons of people wanting to make a small change = a revolution.
Honestly, it’s the ultimate formula.

My friends that do the little things for me, thank you so much.
Buying me lunch, dinner, a game of pool, a movie ticket, dessert, soup when I’m sick, and the list goes on and on. Giving me so many encouraging words and compliments, lending me a shoulder to literally lean on, going to the shores of a beach just screaming my heart out, taking long drives just to talk because at that instance gas actually doesn’t cost anything. Letting me “look” at your homework, studying with me, being my partner for projects, lending me a pencil or pen for the rest of the day or eternity. Allowing me to listen to your problems, your thoughts, getting a better understanding of who you really are, telling me secrets you didn’t tell anyone else yet, calling me when you’re having a bad or good day, texting me when you’re bored because I am too, taking pictures with me, returning my excessive hi-fives, hugging me out of nowhere.

These aren’t little things, they really aren’t. These are just some of the special things I really appreciate what you guys do, and the basis of what friends do for one another. I love that, I just love the fact that friendships allow for so many interactions and reactions that we always overlook, that I overlook until I started typing just very little of what my friends and I do and here I am realizing how grateful I am that I have people to share so many things with.

I’m so excited for Seattle, I’m so ready to go to Seattle and I wish I could fit all of you guys in my luggage so my boyfriend can finally meet all the amazing kids I constantly talk about to him and that you guys can meet a great guy as well so that he can have a taste and understand as to why I love you guys so much.

(When did I even take this picture, either way so amazed by simple beauty)

I don’t know why this entry was so heavy on the emotions and mushy gushy stuff, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to publicize this since it’s been almost 2 months since I last wrote and I want you guys to know how much I appreciate you.
So I guess I’m ready for some embarrassment by doing so, but really let’s all continue being genuine, no jennuine with each other (HAHAHAHA) because from what I’m learning is that honest friendships with no deceit, lies, mistrust, any of that only takes away the whole worry of “but what if s/he leaves me”.
Trust, I got you.


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  1. eggsterr

    you are such an amazing person, jenn (: <3

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