she’s a 10

Long story short, this wasn’t a “near death” experience because I’m sure I would have survived if the event was to occur but wow when that car literally just tapped the side of my leg or something the realization that I could have been hurt so badly settled way after when I got home.

A second too soon and I wouldn’t even be here typing this up and instead be in a hospital for getting mauled by a car, and a second too late and that car would have just passed right on by like any car.
I thought crosswalks were a sign that people actually cross?


just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean I have to have one too.

just because you’re upset doesn’t mean I’m going to be upset too.

just because you’re hungry, that usually means I’ll be hungry too.

HAHA, ah I don’t even know what’s the point. we all know empathy is the ultimate downfall, and unfortunately that’s about the only thing I got blessed with.


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