Why are we so trapped?

It never occurred to me as to how disposable we became, as a society, a generation, as individuals.
Friendships, relationships, love, family, companionship, everybody created their own definition as to what it means to be a friend, a significant other, a partner, a parent, a son or daughter, a husband, a wife.

We’re so disposable yet we have all the power in this world to construe everything within our lives to meet our own needs, our own criteria that it becomes perfectly acceptable for justification as our weapon of choice.
I’m tired, I’m tired of having friends, having a family, having a lover in which we’re too scared to fully say what we want to one another or to destroy everything we ever had in one minute.
I always wanted something more out of this tiny universe, and I always seem to find myself alone in what I truly want to spend my time doing.
I’ll bring it up to other people and they tell me they’re too tired or that it’s too far, or maybe because they have no money, or maybe everything in this world to them is holding them back to take a turn of events.

Maybe I’m the one that allows for all these “bad luck” situations to arise within my days, to never have a normal day, to never live by any schedule or structure and not because God wants it that way, but because as a person that’s what I end up creating.
I don’t care too much to regulate and scrutinize every event and move I make in my own life that a lot of bad events trickle in because I allow for it to happen, because I always find myself never regretting having to gone through it all.

If we think we’re so important, that we’re worthy of never being left alone, cheated on, abandoned, or lied to; why don’t we ever do anything about it?
I’m tired of people that never try anything different when they’re the ones endlessly complaining about how difficult life is, about how they just want to be able to abandon everything because everybody just doesn’t seem to get them.
Guess what? We’re all struggling inside, we all feel like that while growing up.
The reason why you have it bad and other people don’t is because they’re not holding onto their own paranoia and belief and every being inside their body that epitomizes as to who they are, and instead realize you have to get hurt, you have to suffer, and you have to live through pain in order to get through something called life.

I’m sorry to break it to you drama queens out there, but you are never so special enough that an actual human being will always listen and tend to your every wound.
Sooner or later they have to let you go in order to move on for themselves, and that’s where you need to realize you are the only one sufficient enough in this entire world to make yourself simply happy.
God or another spiritual entity, you, and a mother or father that loves you are the only ones that can truly embrace you with love. I’m talking about the real kind of love.

And if you don’t have God/another spiritual entity and a mother or father that loves you, then you still have yourself right?
Learn to love yourself, because I can assure you that if you don’t then you will be unhappy.


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