I’m not even going to bother or I didn’t bother cramming in to study for AP BIO.

it’s in a matter of what, 4 hours? 5 hours? and I honestly don’t care :)

let’s get realistic here, there’s no way I’m passing with a 3 so I rather just have tons and tons of fun on this Sunday because

a) I’m taking Biology in college regardless of whether or not I pass, with the exception of getting a 5 on the AP Bio test…but even then, come on. Bio 101 out of the way or something for a 5?! I WILL PASSSSS
b) It’s not that I don’t understand biology, I actually sort of do. I just don’t understand AP Biology the Exam. HAHA
c) I’m pretty much over school!

so yes, i’m going to go wash up get some sleep in and take that exam tomorrow!
I really hope the juniors will calm the heck down tomorrow, because I know as seniors we really don’t care at this point.


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