oh hey,

Hmmh, it’s sort of been awhile. D:

man, I promised myself I’d quickly update the transformation or addition to the Chronicles of my room

as soon as it was done, but I didn’t.
And it got sort of messy so no use taking a picture right now, until next time when I tidy it up :D by then no one will care though HAHAHAHA

ah well :)
it’s for my well being and I am most definitelyyy happier about it.

but anyhow, just wanted to breathe some life upon this blog as things have been hectic since the last time I updated and I’m so scared I’m going to get a D or an F in AP Lit at this rate…sigh, what the heck is going on with me. WHY DO I NOT CARE ABOUT THAT CLASS ENOUGH?
All my attention is going toward AP Bio and even then it’s not even that much attention.

ah well, I’m going to hope for the best and start getting back to giving equal love and attention to all my classes.
need to stop being so apathetic and lazy toward my school work, oh senioritis from freshman year is kicking my ass so hard.

BUT YES, I’m 50% done with my work.
what is left?

– AP Bio CH. 13&14 previews
– finish play for AP Lit so I know what the hell I’m talking about in tomorrow’s open in class essay…har, har, har.

OK! Best of luck to me, YOU CAN DO THIS JENN NO BIG DEAL! :)


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