good, good

Man, I think LIFE is so amazing.

Sure, there’s many moments where I bitch and moan about it wondering what the point is and whatnot…and obviously that has a  lot to do with the mood the person is in.
And I’m glad I’m getting back to the realization that life is so friggin’ precious it’s actually pretty ridiculous.

But I don’t really want to further elaborate on that ’cause there’s no point in me doing that, it all comes with experience right?

I’m pretty sure what I’ve been realizing these past few days or over the course of many, many years is the fact that if you were to strip a person away from all of their material, tangible qualities that they so dearly hold onto, what are you going to see?

Are you going to see a vulnerable, naked person with nothing to offer but fear because something has been taken away from them?
are you going to see someone with so much to offer in this world with absolutely nothing to call their own?

Guys, I really wish I could be the latter. I know everybody does, and I’m one of those people.
I really don’t want to become dependent on material wealth later in life, if I do end up succeeding in such a category.
I don’t want to be driving a luxury car, living in a big house, wearing nothing but designer clothing, rocking the latest phone or whatever technology Apple decides to unleash onto future hipsters and old, desperate people that want to be cool once again.

I WANT TO, I’m going to scratch that because of ‘course I want all that, it’s the American dream that became modified over the years to fit our standard of living, but what I’m saying is that I hope I don’t end up relying on things, nothing but things, things, things. THAT’S ALL IT IS IN THE END, SHIT.
I don’t know why it bothers me so much to be honest, but I just think it’s the fact that what I want to offer or show to the world is a person.
A person that’s capable of finding joy in unthinkable places, rejoicing in love when others turn their back, and just being happy because of who I am.
I just feel that it’s so important as to what kind of person you are, the surface and the inside. Being nice on the surface but having a fake heart isn’t what should be ideal, but just inside out defining the type of person that you are. Whether it be a headstrong person with a lot of pride, an artistic overtly emotional character, or a genuinely nice person it’s all good because I feel like one of the bigger compliments in this world a person can receive is, “That’s so _____ (insert name here)”.
Did you realize that you defined something for someone within their life, even if that could probably apply to another person out there that you don’t even know?

That’s not even the point, it’s the fact that you somehow made an impact on someone and damn that’s pretty impressive.
So yeah, I have no idea where I’m even going with this, but the fact that I hope for myself when I look back at this when I give up on blogging that I’ll be able to look and think to myself, “Have I changed at all? Am I humble or am I immersing myself even deeper in worldly crap?”
Who knows, but I’m quite excited.


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