I was going to start off by saying “this month” but I realized the month of March is pretty much over within one more day…so I’m just going to say for this week.

FOR THIS WEEK, I think i’m just going to have really casual “here’s what went on in my oh so interesting life” kind of posts. so it’ll be a daily thing, hurrah!

but on a more serious note, I do write in here for myself more than anything. of course it’s nice knowing or believing yourself to think that you have people “following”  you, reading your every word because I’m such an attention deprived individual, but I’m sure more than that it’s just the notion of knowing that somebody either cares about you enough or is actually that much interested in the thoughts jumbled around in your mind.
I’m pretty sure that’s why I don’t link my posts to sites like facebook or twitter (for the 14534543 people that follow me, oh yeah…) because of that reason, just to see people or friends I never thought would step over to another realm of me, haha.

Either way, it makes me smile but I don’t need the satisfaction of knowing I’m writing these “things” for people. If that was my sole purpose or cause for starting this blog, then shit it’s kind of hard impressing the hardest critics out there in this world.

It’s just fun being able to look back and wondering to myself, “man, what the heck went through your mind that day” and even telling myself how worked up I got over something so small that was only a big deal to me.

HAHA, but that’s how everyone is right? :D
I actually think I went off tangent on the whole “I write for myself” thing because I can’t help but to write like there’s one person just listening to me say all this and I just felt like an idiot because what if there is nobody else on the other side of the table. HAHAHAHA, BUT BUT IT’S OK! ’cause I’m realizing that the conversational tone throughout these posts is ’cause I’m technically talking to my own blog!

yeah, I think a lot of people are going to think I’m crazy after reading this and have millions of thoughts running through their heads when they actually talk to me.
It’s all good, ’cause in reality I’m not even supposed to know that they read this, right?

haha, I’m a bit psychotic today and I think that’s all that I’m trying to address.

be normal, Jenn! be normal!
hope I can sleep within the next 30 minutes or somethingg. good night,  world wordpress.


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