I’m not complaining

Man, when I drifted over to reading this poem while Shackleton was reciting “Departmental”, i felt that it was way more than coincidence having me to read it.

It isn’t as if I never enjoyed good wine
or walked along the Hudson in moonlight,
I have poignant friends & a decent job,
I read good books even if they’re about
miserable people but who’s perfectly happy,
I didn’t go hungry as a kid & I’m not constantly
oppressed by fascists, what if my apartment
never recovered from its ferocious beating
no one ever said life was easy, I admit
my hands turn to cardboard during love-making
& I often sweat through two wool blankets-
but anxiety is good for weight-loss, listen,
who isn’t frightened of late night humming
in the walls, I don’t live in a police state,
I own a passport & can travel even if I can’t
afford to, almost everyone is insulted daily,
what if love is a sentence to hard labor &
last year I couldn’t pay my taxes, I didn’t
go to prison, yes, I’ve lost friends to alcohol
& cancer but life is an adventure & I enjoy
meeting new people, sure it’s hard getting older
& mysteriously shorter but insomnia & depression
afflict even the rich and famous, okay my folks
were stingy with affection & my pets didn’t live long,
believe me, sympathy isn’t what I’m after, I’m basically
almost happy, God in all His wisdom knows that at heart
I’m really not complaining…

Philip Schultz

I don’t want to be complaining, but dang.


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