sick, sick fetish.

After a great session of exclaiming over Hello Kitty products with izzaboo, I can’t help but to make this post.
I don’t care, make all the fun you want of me I will never outgrow my love of Hello Kitty.

However, I can’t stand “tacky” Hello Kitty stuff if you know what I mean.
Hello Kitty can end either in really good taste or hella bad taste and I just pray and hope that I won’t come to the point where I distastefully show my love for her.

Oh gosh, I referred to Hello Kitty as “her”. It’s already going bad, scoooooore!

Hello Kitty-esque items I REALLY want at the moment:
I LOVE BADTZ MARU. A Hello Kitty mouse with her cheek lighting up when you use it :D

EARRINGS I WANT SO BAD. Damn, too bad they’re all sold out. Go figure :\
(Disney Couture for Minnie Mouse)


don’t tell me that’s not cute, ’cause you and I both know it friggin’ is.


one of the more common Hello Kitty must have household appliances, haha and let’s emphasize on the “must-have” part.



I’m actually re-considering this one because she looks kind of creepy.

lulz. Do you like how almost all of my wants are kitchen appliances? Hello Kitty lovin’ fatass  4 lyfe.

REGRET NOT GOING TO THE THREE APPLES EXHIBIT. most definitely for the great art and the chance of getting these chubby bunny bows that quickly sold out :\
Sigh, these became like some sacred treasure you can sell for $43298493 in the next year probably as they don’t sell these ANYWHERE, anymore.
I know I’d look ridiculous in one, but every fanatic needs it right? Just to have, you know.

Thanks for riding out the sick fantasy with me, I have an unhealthy obsession but I know I’m not alone on it.
Deep down, we all love Hello Kitty.


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