man, this is completely my fault for pulling an all nighter to finish all of my ap bio FRQs that i pushed literally to the last MINUTE, HOUR whatever you want.

i had a WEEK, a WEEK to do this but of ‘course with a 3 day weekend rolling on who would want to spend time that’s wasted initially on something productive?

Hollla, not me that’s for sure.

so I ran into this in my awesome time of productivity, and not to sound like a pedophile on so many wrong levels but I always had a fascination with the way children perceive everything and pretty much the inner workings of their mind…hence, why I’m considering child psychology in the future but who knows. A BIG, BIG who knows.

So this was a great gem to come upon :D
hope you guys find it as interesting and enjoyable as I did!

His name is Yeondoo Jung (instances like that I’m more than happy to scream out kRn pr1d3) and what he pretty much does is transpose children drawing into reality.
SUCH AN AMAZING CONCEPT, so so so innovative to me at least.

“Afternoon Nap”


I Want To Be a Singer”

“Rabbit Family Hopping Around”

Sleeping Beauty”

Recreating Mom’s Garden”

“The Magician Turned the Wale Into a Flower” (and no, I didn’t misspell “wale”)

“Rainy Children’s Day”


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