I love music so much.
From original music to mainstream music, they all seem to serve a purpose nonetheless that always stirs something up inside of me.
Of ‘course I admire music that’s original more than music about being “hard”, gettin’ dat monay, and btches ‘n hoz but that type of music is fun. You just can’t deny that.

Although I’m not good at it, I really do love singing.
I remember that I felt so alive and amazing as I played Disney songs on the piano and sang my heart out to it at the same time, pounding away at the piano keys and pouring my voice out. Of ‘course I was only like what, 8? And I’m sure it was a pain in the ass to listen to that (sorry, family) but I could not stop.
If I could have had it my way I would have never stopped playing piano, and unlike most Korean children that were forced to play piano so their parents could show off their kids to company I grew to love and appreciate it with so much frustration toward it just like a real relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I was forced as well and frustration was a part of it but I realized I fell in love with playing the piano.
Then of ‘course like any Korean drama, I had to move because of the divorce and I was ripped away from my so called love.
I wish I could give some magical continuation to this saying I never forgot how to play the piano, and only grew to broaden my skill – but I didn’t.
I forgot everything there is to playing an actual piece to a piano, I mean I know how to read music because of band (another topic I will HAVE to reach) and I know what the keys are but I forgot everything there is to piano.
I’m pretty sure my first investment if I ever get my own place will have to be a keyboard, that is what I started off with in the first place after all.

For now, it’s completely fine because I have one instrument that’s completely free in this world that will never get lost, and that is my screeching, unpleasant voice.


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