Blaaah, and this is why I stayed away from WOW D:

I love how easily addicted I get to games once I get back into the jive of it, BUT Sims 3 is friggin’ great in itself so go figure with that one.
But I realized all I was doing was decorating/”styilizing” (one of the MANY new additions to this Sims version) and that was taking me…yeah, I don’t even want to write down the number ’cause it’s pretty pathetic. S’ALLL GOOOD THOUGH, reality began kicking in when I realized I need to go to church tomorrow and wake up at least by 8:45 or something.

except, my mind is in such a jumbled state right now that I can’t exactly fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed so I figured blogging about pointless shit like this would put my mind to ease.
well, I’m hoping tomorrow won’t be anything short of amazing and I’ll have 110% tolerance for EVERYBODY.

If there’s one thing I really need to put all my focus on fixing, it would have to be how I feel on the inside about certain people, and I heavily emphasize certain because it’s just a few. As much as I love everybody and really try to genuinely find one trait to like about them if there isn’t many, I still have this voice inside of me that seriously goes like this, “Woooooow. Can you please just shut up already? kthx”

AND THAT MY FRIENDS, is terribly terribly bad. Yeah, I need to really fix that. Take a good look and recognition of my heart, but I realize that’s a very difficult problem to approach and fix because I can honestly say that we all feel like that.
If i’m wrong about that, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to correct that :)

My little baby cousin’s birthday cake from today! <3
I can’t wait until I can be the one making a cake like that for someone or hopefully my own child’s birthday. HAH, one day just one day. wishful thinking?


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