Man, I didn’t think I would ever be able to leave Xanga and move onto a new blogging world but here I am and hopefully I won’t lose sight and get back into the jive of just writing because I want to.
I remember I’d actually care about whether my content was actually “likeable” and worth coming back, and as I saw numbers dwindling down I pretty much abandoned blogging because I honestly thought if no one is going to read it, why bother?
Oh, oh stupid Jenn.
IT’S OK, before you think I’m a complete tard I grew up a little and I learned to not care so much anymore. I’m finding the heart of writing and saying whatever the hell is bothering me or raiding my mind, and that actually makes me smile.
So nothing I write here is really worth it, it really is what the lame play on words is, “general”.
I’m sure what I rant, rave, and discover about has been done before out in this spacious world and is probably what you already thought about to yourself. All I’m doing is modifying it to the way I pick and choose my words that I get a lot of shit for.

Annnnd, so here goes.


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